Here Comes The Red Train: Miscarriage Ahoy!!

ah. Yes. Is that pain in my right leg the signs of
oncoming release of 3 weeks old embryo?

Or perhaps the slight pink discharge?

Anything could be the flag that signals
:the end of everything that was hope for
the little cell freak out in my uterus.

Of course I am a day of plane rides away from
my beloved. Rides that cross large bits of water.

I am scheduled to fly 3 days from now.
Surely I will miscarry at high clicks.
I will join the Mile-High-Scrub.


I am 41.
It is straight to the fertility peeps when I am
done with this one. Clean that sperm up!
Pump out a good egg! We have no problem
getting pregnant....we will do fine with all
the good parts.

Ah I love you unreading reader.

Read me through this catastrophe canal.

ps: should i be more or less upset that my best
friend spent 1/2 an hour looking at facebook
and then headed off to bed at 7:30 when she
had about 15 waking hours to see me (for
this and last year).

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