Envy Me Not My Pinkish Discharge!!!

This is a spider foot!!!!

Christ on a Cracker!  I was just sitting here
choosing between posting possibilities when
I remembered my dream!

It started with a woman suspended inversely-like
an upside down spider-by her arms and legs,
from a set of basement water pipes while a man
was slowly penetrating her vaginally. 
She had a serene look on her face and she was dressed
(half dressed) in the fashion of the 20's.

what the hell!

The dream then proceeded to portray a story
of a brothel (the 500 year old ruin which we
are rebuilding and in which we live was a brothel)
and how the women and men who work
there have a murder mystery to solve.

Note: I always have fantastic and frequent dreams. 
But the whole pregnancy dimension brings much
greater clarity and storyline fluidity.

When I awaken from dreams like these I know
better than to recount them to my Beloved. 

There he is, faithfully recurled around me after
my many trips to the chamber pot, and all i want
to do is kiss his sweet cheek and pour hallucinagenic
dreams into his ear in less than perfect French. 

He worries for my sanity.  But at least he no longer
worries that I am secretly, and really, chemically imbalanced.

He just sees me as a precious and individual flower.


In other news:  the pinkish discharge is back
and I'm puffing around wondering whether
or not I still feel pregnant and balancing anxiety
with chocolate and wild cat cuddles.

Makes one want to buy a sonogram machine.

In cheerier news:
I don't shop or buy clothes unless my old clothes
are squealing from the smell or filled with holes.  That
said, my new favorite piece of clothing that I picked up
in Brooklyn is THIS!!!!!!!!

That's Right!!!!!
You know you want it!!!!!!!!

Envy me not my pinkish discharge! But Envy Me, Envy Me my BATMAN BOY'S HOODIE!!!!!!!!!


The Pliers said...

I thought it was an ovoid happy face with gold eyes and a lily pad mouth...

Batman only came in second.

Holy shit, Batwoman!

La Belette Rouge said...

You are a paradox: pink(feminine/anima); boy's hoodie( bat.boy) and "a woman suspended inversely-like an upside down spider-by her arms and legs"( is it just me or does that seem like a bat woman). Love your paradox! And, thanks for sharing your dream.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Love the hoodie.

You know, you CAN rent a fetal doppler. I did with my last pregnancy, so I could hear the heartbeat any time I wanted. I think it was from Stork Radio, but you can look around for companies in your region, too.

French Shelter said...

The Pliers: Holy Cat Flinging a Crap, Plier Person!!! Thanks for the comment! and THANK YOU for reading!

Belette: Well, as a Welsh woman with an English father, you can see the paradoxes were born into me. Thank you for the thoughtful comment-I, too, love the Eddie Izzard and will be forever and ever amen envious that you were in the same cell sharing space as his brilliance.

Evil Twin's Wife! It's great to see you here again! And I love your "you naked in an apron" cartoon! I'm not sure if I CAN rent a fetal doppler (sounds like a baby cake making machine) in France. But if anyone would like to send me one...hee hee