My First Comment!!!!!

A Girl Could Ovulate While Pregnant
In The Face Of Her First Real Comment!!!!!

This is all kinds of extraordinary when
you think that my lame ass has just posted
this thing on Twitter from time to time
in an attempt to pick up from the posse over tharn!!

Thank you Lady Duchess for your comment...!
and be not offended by the "Lady," I add
it to many of the favored females in my
little life.

The Duchess must have come across these
missives by pressing the "next blog" button...
which brings me to the mystery of the "next blog"
organization! When I first started this up
all of the "next blog"s were Christian themed!

What is up with that business!!!!

Not once I mention ole Jesus boy ...I mean
I'm sure he was as pleasant as anyone could be given
the sandals and lack of sanitary options...in
fact, my person-in-the-making was conceived on
Xmas night of all things...and I surely would
love to hear Jesus' play list ... (any ideas?)

but why did the Mixing Machine on high decide
that my little blog should be followed by
The God Squad ??? I was bemused...confused...
perhaps my born-again little brother had a hand
in it??? Perhaps it was....a message???

But shortly thereafter the machine deemed to have
completely changed its mind about me.

Now my blogs are followed, invariably, by the
"I'm a crazy person" blog. Manic-depression,
drugtastic, freaking on the knife edge peeps
who are celebrating their trueblooded selves
in a frenzy!!! HOT SH*T!!!!

The two ends of the spectrum that so closely
resemble a snail eating its tail!!!!

Note: apparently one of the most beautiful
things to witness is the love making act
of the snail! This according to my wood sculpting
friend who's duty it is to carve out beauty from
other forms of beauty.

Me, I spend the later hours of the winter rainy
nights running behind the snails that venture
out when it is wet...I run behind them pushing
them onwards in their unaware escape from the
hordes of French villagers chasing behind
them with plastic sacks by the light of the
full moon, all a-ready for a hot plate
of escargot avec persil et beurre.


Swear on the head of my crazed cat.


A.G. said...

I must say, you have a way of making people giggle.
Not me, but im sure other do.

The Duchess said...

Oh no, now you will get the people who google snail sex!lol

And I don't mind the 'lady', as long as you pronounce it ladeeeee....

French Shelter said...

Ah, Lady Duchess, my life long dream realized! Hop aboard all! Onto the wagon of snail sex!!!