Where My Chamber Pots At!!!!

Video killed the radio star.  Perhaps.

But indoor plumbing massacred the chamber pot!

And we are not the better for it.

Forget the idea of a poo-filled pot! 
I'm talking peeing in the middle of the night.
What luxury to reach beneath the bed mid-dream,
pullout the pot, edge your lovely butt over or onto
said pot, and pee without barely awakening!


The Lovely Man came home with one and I've not
looked back!  It will be a permanent being in our bedroom.
And with its lid, no odors.  And with a little water in before
one pees, so easy to clean!

Also to note: the man continues to panic.  My mother will
probably come out in August if I continue to successfully
carry the, as of now, 9 week old embryo.  His quote of
the night: Oh sh*t!  We have to finish the guest room
[which is not even started]!  It may be snowing in August!

I love love love love love love love The Man.

And I love love love love love the comments and followers!!!!
It is so friggin' exciting!!!! I feel like my little hands are
branching out over the planet!!!! 

A tango of ovaries!!!!



Evil Twin's Wife said...

When I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, I knew every restroom all over town. And used them often!

French Fancy said...

Hello there - it does sound like a good idea. My grandmother used to have ever such a pretty one under her bed - funny the things you remember

French Fancy said...

hello again - you need to fix something on your settings. Normally when someone leaves a comment on my blog I can click on their name and it leads me to their blog - but not in your case. I'm not sure what needs to be adjusted though - have a bit of a play around

TheShoeGirl said...