Butts and Other Activites

As some of you know, Dear Reader,
my little French village is on the road
to Compostello--which means that all
summer long, hundreds upon hundreds
of peeps flood through on foot, bike,
and, sometimes, horsey.

Two days ago two mecs (guys) rolled in
in a horse drawn covered wooden caravan.

Old School Stylie.

They had 3 lovely horsies with them who they
penned in down by the river.  And they set
up camp and, like true wooden caravan drivers,
started smoking up...which I discovered when
I approached them for a light (since My Beloved
and I are having lighter wars...another story).

I directed them to The Neighbor, who would more
than love them, and went back to construction work.

The next day they were in like, well, flynn. (Is it flynn?)
They were eating with The Neighbor,  My Beloved fixed
their brakes and I rode their horsies around
(being an old cowpoke myself).

Later, over aperitif, The Neighbor, his Prospective
Girlfriend, My Beloved, and I were talking about them.
At this point it may do to point out that I have had
peeps like these mecs in my life for a long, long time.

Travellers, vagabonds, etc etc.

And The Neighbor was talking about how extraordinary
this guy's life was...rolling about the joint in his wood
caravan...and how he "profits" from life...and is really
living life..and it occurred to me:

so many people seem to think that traveling and doing
things that do not include a 9-5 job and kids is the
only way to really live life.

This I already knew: but what then occurred to me
was that what really kills the experience of "living life"
is to fall into hardcore habits that numb you from
feeling and noticing life and all of its quirks and beauties.

And that, in fact, just because you're traveling around
does not mean that you are avoiding habits, as you can
just as easily fall into the "habit" of being in a new place
every day, and the "habit" of dealing with new people,
situations and environments.

Another point: I have moved over 41 times in my life.
As an adult I have lived in, let me see...6 US cities
and 3 European cities.  I know what it is to move,
to travel, to "profit from life."

But I want to smash this idea that traveling is the
only way to "live life," as, if you just become
habitual about it...which I have seen happen...then
you might as well be at home doing the same
thing every day.

So at this point I am going to make a little
list of some of the things that I feel are my way
of living life...things I appreciate..little things:

1.  Coming up behind My Beloved while
he is brushing his teeth and pretending
to do him in the butt. "eeee eeee eeee"

2.  Him playing along with it.

3.  Buying something on ebay and
having it be EXACTLY what it said it
would be....AND WORKING!!!

4.  The extraordinary beauty of the sunflower
fields in the summer.  And they change
place every summer so you never know
where they are going to be.

5.  Watching my cat's butt when she runs. 
She has this awesome and unelegant way
of moving her legs that actually makes
her butt shake.

6.  Bar 34 and 35 of Bach's 4th two part
invention in D Minor.  And playing it.

7.  My Beloved calling me
"my little horsey" pronounced:
"my leetle orseee".  AHHH!!!

8.  Winning a bet!

9.  Waving goodbye every morning
to My Beloved from the kitchen window
by way of using the cat's arm.
(ie: the cat waving goodbye to My Beloved).


there.  I am living life.

PS: it has occurred to me that people may
actually be un-inclined to "follow" me in
light of the "sweet sperm challenge" because
they don't want anyone thinking that they
are interested in sweet sperm.

Or is that just the crack talking.


The Pliers said...

Perhaps you mean/meant:

...being "in like flynt" means that one will make a lucky escape of a particular situation with minimal damage to one's self.

As I tried to watch a DVD of "No Country for Old Men" there was a pub on the Bob Dylan biopic with Cate Blanchett et. al. that seemed to be saying something similar to your assertion that it was hard core habits rather than the contexts in which they were performed that stunted people's lives.

Happy Simulated Anal Sex!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I do the same thing to the Evil Twin and I also pinch his butt while I am in bed and he is getting his clothes out of the closet (which is on my side), while he gets ready for work. LOL.