How To Hook Him Up

For a reprieve from building the bedroom this weekend
we went to a valley in Averyon
to fish.

To fish with the above man who is the best friend of
My Beloved and who is one of the loveliest people
I have ever met.

There are no women where he lives.
I am devastated when I think of all the fuckheads
in the world who are running rampant over a boat
load of wonderful women and this. lovely. and. hot. man.
cannot get a lady.

Any suggestions?

I am almost giving up on my Sweet Sperm challenge.

I am now pushing solo
to finish doing the joint work on the bedroom.
Which means hours of NPR listening.
O Terri Gross.
O Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
O Slate's Political Gabfest.
How you help me to stop thinking
about my fucked up childhood...
which is what I cannot stop thinking
about once you put a mindless job
in my hands.

I have so much to say
about porn and peyote.
But it will have to wait
until I get these joints done.

Now I shall go and poop.


La Belette Rouge said...

Add Sherwin Sleeves to your list of podcasts to get you to stop thinking about your fucked up childhood. I find that listening to him makes me stop thinking of everything bad and right now that is a major accomplishment.

Is it just me or is the theme of pushing solo related to your need to poop?;-)

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! I don't know any young single women, but I will keep my eyes open. Alas, he is too young for me! lol.

Sara Louise said...

He is quite the tasty dish. I'm sure with spring in the air some lovely thing will float his way

French Shelter said...

Belette: HA HA HA!!!

Anon: he IS adorable. And one is NEVER too old (See "Man Boy")!

SL: Unfortunately that will not happen. He will have to float elsewhere. But then. Where will he fish?

Anonymous said...

I read Man Boy. I believe I've read your entire archives. I admire you for going after who/want you want, but I think being with a younger man would make me feel even older than I am. That's just me. Sad, I know.