Bluntly: Sweet Sperm

 Before I go into any sorry story bits
about the March Miscarriage...
and what is next...as if you all
would even want to know...

I have news!
And a challenge!

In the last two days I have
discovered, drum roll!!!!!:

A Way To Make Sperm 
       Taste Sweet.

For Real!
From the Body Sweet, NOT in a
Mixing Bowl Sweet.

This may be one of the most disgusting
things you could think to be reading
about over your morning coffee/
afternoon joint/ late night fix...

But.  Dear Reader.  It is True.

This information is for to you to
use in whatever way you deem fit.

My challenge is this:
I will tell you all when I manage
to cobble up 50 Total Followers.

Am I an Asshole?

But I am a sweet asshole.
(Not that I HAVE a sweet asshole.)
And I want to see if I can get
some new followers.
And I'm hard-core like that.
Which is why, I might add, I have
discovered how to make sperm sweet.


That is my news.

In other news:
I am half-way through learning a
new Schumann piece on my lovely piano.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sweet or not, I still don't think I want to drink it. LOL. But, I hope you get lots of followers anyway! :-)

Finn said...

Que chevere!

What a thoughtful way to drum up business--and for your selfless effort, I cannot resist but join the ranks.

Now: I'm holding you to making good on yer promise...

Sister Wolf said...

This is blackmail! Who doesn't want tasty sperm?!?

French Shelter said...

So sad you're not following Lady Sistah Wolf....sniff sniff...

French Shelter said...

I'm not talking as a beverage, you know...but more as a necessity when the time is, you know, right...

angela said...

Count me as a follower, even though I am not a blogspot. Sister Wolf is right, it's blackmail! Everyone does want tasty sperm!

La Belette Rouge said...

I have heard that the way to tasty sperm involves a certain fruit. I won't tell as I don't want to ruin your campaign.

Sarah Phillips said...

You have a new follower!! I want to know the secret! :-)

French Shelter said...

Finn: Ah yes, business! And believe me, there were efforts on my part!

Angela: Blackmail is Good!
Especially with such a tasty result!!

Belette: sorry, dearest, not a fruit!

Sarah: Thank you so much! Let the channels open and the wanters of tasty sperm flow through!

A Personal Charm said...

I'm very intrigued, but I feel somewhat guilty that I'm even considering following this blog just because of "sweet sperm"... As I have never had sex, let alone a boyfriend, before! ;)
But good luck and maybe I'll look in at some point to see if you've reached your goal and divulged your secret ;)

Anonymous said...

I've added myself to the follow list because quite frankly, I want to know about this sweet sperm. I rather enjoy kissing my lover 'afterward', but am interested in how to improve the experience.

French Shelter said...

Lady Charm: Look at it as research for the future!

The Phool: And when I get 50...which is going very very slowly, the secret will be all yours and the experience ultimately enjoyed!