The Book of If

The Book of If is a 389 page book
of questions.  Questions about anything
you can dream up.  It is perfect for many things:

Playfully fucking with your friends.
Pushing your students to think a little. bit.
Pushing yourself to squint at your darkness.

I love my darkness.
I cuddle up to my darkness.

So here are three questions for you all:
(although not very dark at all)

If you had to physically strike one person
from your past, who would you hit, and where?

If you had to give up one physical sense,
which would it be?

If you could temporarily freeze the world,
and everyone in it (except yourself), what
sexual things would you do, and to whom?

I am too tired from doing hours of joint mudding
in the bedroom to write anything else.

and too sad about my lack of followers...

and, Bernard Werber is seriously lacking
in response to my proposal....sigh

whine whine whine

1 comment:

Sara Louise said...

That's a naughty little book. I'd like to make cards with some of the questions on them and leave them in the middle of my dining room table to inspire dinner conversations.
The followers will come :-)