Dear Reader: Save My Sandra Liking Soul.

The guts of the sky are opened
and pouring snowflakes all over
the South of France.

It is winter here in the South of France.

yes.  In March.  Sigh.

Ok.  This is just a quick post on
what happened last night in the USA.

Many things happened last night in the USA
Also, a bunch of people got together
to clap happily and grimace (Quentin-HAH!)
all over each other while prancing
about in borrowed jewels and gowns.

I have one thing to say besides the
obvious YIPPEE CAMERON LOST!!!!!!!!!

and that is this:

I love me some Sandy Bullock.
I do.

But I have not seen this movie.
And from the looks of the trailer it is,
just about, the most appalling example
of "White Lady Saves Poor Disempowered
Black Teenager" that I have ever even
imagined thinking of imagining as an
actual film created.

Dear Reader: Am I wrong?

Can you look me in the screen
and tell me that I am wrong?

Can you look me in my porno-breasts
and tell me that I am mistaken?

Can you please, please, please save me
from hating La Sandra-whom I currently like.
A lot.???????????????

ps: week 13 begins.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I wanted to answer your question on my last post, but can't find an email addy for you. Email me at eviltwinswife@gmail.com. :-)

La Belette Rouge said...

I LOVE that Cameron lost and this ex-wife won. I would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to be privy to his unedited thoughts about that. I would do almost anything for this, even see Avatar.

La Sandra was adorable and gorgeous and all things likable.

French Fancy said...

I am also glad that he didn't get the Oscars that he must have felt were his.

Boomka said...

I think its tough to comment on a movie one hasn't seen. That is why I obsessively went to the movies this year so I could see every movie that would be or was nominated. I loved Sandra's speech. It was beautiful and eloquent, and yea sometimes she makes poor movie choices, but I still think she's fab. And regardless of what people thought of the blindside, it was still a great performance so I think everything was as it should have been.

Rosee said...

That's it. I've had enough teasing.
Tits or GTFO

Sister Wolf said...

I would not see Sandy's movie unless it was a choice between that and Avatar. Which would be a horrible situation.

French Shelter said...

Results of comments thus far:

Still love the Sandy.

Cannot bring self to see film that might make me hate the Sandy.

Envisioning Sister Wolf on mushrooms jacking a little kid's ticket to Avatar if faced with the horrible situation of that choice.

And not showing the porno-pregnancy breasts which tally in at an alarming 40DD. Sigh.