Love and How It Helps Me To Tell Beastiality Jokes

Another gag-worthy post:

Why do people write "love you," and
not "I love you," when they sign
a letter/email/facebook post, etc?

Especially when it concerns deeply
sad and emotionally poignant times?

Especially Christians.
(note: I wasn't even baptized.)

What is it about the commitment to
the "I" that freaks people's shit out?

In my mind, one of my most important
moments happened when I was 10.

The thought smacked me upside the head
that other people did not live in the state of
loving-the-world that I did.  How stupid
and naive I was / still am.

I had experienced people fucking with me
and trying to destroy me in their way for
years, and I never could understand why.
It really just confused me. It seemed like
such a fucking waste of time.

I was deeply conscious, even then, that
the most important thing was love.
It was the only thing.

I remember the precise moment
when I said out loud to no one at all:
"They don't know that love is the most important thing."

This was a real mindfuck of a moment.

And somehow, it helped me to understand
and "hold" why they did, and continued to do,
the things that they did.

Of course that did not stop me from doing
one of the worst things one can do to a person:
leaving my husband and crushing his heart.


That's my thought for the morning.

If I haven't me made you gag too much,
I hope you find the ice-cream you most
need today.

PS: South Park is a sublime example of Love!!!

PPS: My Beloved's parents, from whom
we live down the street, have never
told him that they love him--How Fucked
Up Is That!!! 

PPPS: He tells me he loves me all the time.
And I cover him and cover him with little kisses.
And Unicorns.  And Fairy Dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPPPS: Have you ever noticed that there are 2 camps
of people: Those who Love "Moulin Rouge" and those
who Hate "Moulin Rouge."

It's True!
which are You?


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I just thought the "I" was implied. Or maybe it's that we use "love you" and "I love you" to convey the level of intimacy or familial construct. Like I tell my husband and children "I love you", but when I sign off for friends, I usually just say (or write) "love you". Hmmmm.

Rebecca @ Diary of a Virgin Novelist said...

I think when I use the "love you" in a casual correspondence it is just to go with the mood of the message or medium - casual.

If I use it when it is something more serious, I thin it is too put more emphasis on the YOU and not the I.

But, I am probably just defending my lazy, bad habits.

The Pliers said...

Which Moulin Rouge? 1952? I love it. Nicole Kidman? Can't recall it.