Loving the Obama

As some of you know, some days ago
I discovered that my embryo died at around
10 weeks.  I continued to carry the embryo
for 2.5 more weeks, until I had a small patch
of bright red blood and a couple of tiny clots.

After 3 previous miscarriages, and uncountable
hours of internet research, I knew it could be nothing,
but always loving to give my Beloved a chance to
speed heroically into the night, we jumped into the
car and careened 25 miles to the hospital.

"Your cervix is tightly closed," announced the mid-wife
who saw me immediately after I entered the ER,
"I really don't think it's anything...but we'll keep
you overnight and you can see your gynocologist
in the morning." 

I knew she knew what she was talking about, but
I knew that she was wrong.  And my knowing was
confirmed the next morning as my gold-bracelted
and most excellent gyny confirmed that the pregnancy
was over and that I would have a DNC later that day.

He insisted on keeping me another night after the
operation was performed, and I left two days after
I entered having received excellent, prompt and
kind care.  (Despite the bizarre encounter with the
anesthesiologist who was annoyed that I wasn't
French and didn't believe me when I said I had had
only one prior surgery : "That's VERY rare." To
which I responded "Madame.  I AM very rare!"
That unknotted her little French panties!)

For all of this care, and for all the care that I have
received in my Making-A-Person journey, including:
4 hospital stays, 1 ambulance ride, numerous sonograms
and gyny visits, 3 DNC's, and many blood-tests and a
ton of lab work, how much did I pay you may ask??

50 Euros/Month Insurance.


68 Bucks a Month.

And that is how much I pay for all and every piece of
medical attention that I would receive for anything.

50 Euros/Month is what I will pay for all and any
fertility treatment up until I am 43 years old (which
is when the social system stops covering women
who are trying to conceive).

When I think of how much cash so many women
plonk down in their efforts to conceive, and also
to adopt---when I think of Belette at
I count my lucky fu*king blessings and thank
all the people who worked their ass off for this
system. (I also thank my voodoo lodestone. Of course.)

If I were in the US my journey would be licking
its wounds and its ass as it would be totally over for me.

But how much would I pay for a doctor's visit if I
was not in the social system here in France?
How much would a foreigner pay for a doctor's visit?

Well, dear Foreigner:  You would pay, for a full
and thorough prescription giving visit:
22 Euros.  That is to say: 30 Bucks.

Can you, Dear American, even imagine paying 30
Bucks for a doctor's visit if you are uninsured?????

Last time I looked, 30 Bucks is the average co-pay in the US.

And if I don't pay 50 Euros a month extra-insurance?
The government covers me, and every person in the system,
for 70% of the cost of any medical care.


This is one of the reasons that I love The Obama.
And that I have dreams where he and Michelle are my parents.

His Balls Are On The Table.
And it is so that you, in the US, can have something that
somewhat resembles what we, in France, have worked
to enjoy and are always working to maintain.

PS:  don't forget The Tasty Sperm Challenge!!

You may Scoff, or even recoil (as it seems that many of
you are doing), but, frankly, Sweet Sperm tastes....like candy.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I spent a fortune trying for both my kids. But, our hospitalization coverage is actually really good.

joandleefe said...
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etoilee8 said...

(I left that last comment in my boyfriends account). I'm sorry you're having such difficulties but I will keep my fingers crossed for you. And yes, Barack is so awesome.

La Belette Rouge said...

Oh, sweet you, I am so sorry. I didn't know. I am sooo sorry. Yeah, I spent $100,000 and I still don't have a baby and I am REALLY mad about that. I do have a scrapbook filled with receipts and pictures of embryos that didn't stick.