Donkeys and Other Easy Mistakes and Illusions

To start things out:  "Pony" in French is "Poney."

Another delicious thing:
"Soul" is "Âme" and "Donkey" is "Âne".

I have just gotten to the point that I don't say
"My donkey loves your donkey" to my Beloved.

Also:  "Love" is "L'Amour" and "Death" is "La Mort."
They sound almost exactly the same.

Thus the shifting vagueries of French language and life.
One day In Love then !!BANG!! Your ass is dead on a donkey.

Another thing to know:  the French"Weather Women," those
who do the weather on TV, have absolutely fuck all taste
in clothing.  What they drape on their bodies is a reflection
of what is to come weather-wise.   They look like a weather
bus hit them, ate them, digested them, and then spat them all
over the screen. Completely Baffling. 

Also, while I'm at it: Not Every French Woman Looks Like
Amelie Poulin...nor Catherine Deneuve, nor, thankfully, that
little fiend Carla Bruni.  Nor are there squadrons of Vanessa
Paradis' scribbling about the streets.

The average White French Lady in the city is reasonably well-dressed.
Great attention to make-up and hair. 5'5", and always in heels
of some sort. The French White Lady in the Country is often
more portly, less well dressed....and hair is usually tinted or
streaked or some other god-forsaken horrible hair style.

There is very little difference between the features of one average
White French Woman and another White French Woman.

The girls, in general, dress in tight jeans and do the
"I'm shy and staring at you from under my enormously long fringe"
and they are much younger for their age than the American or
English or Welsh girls.  I know this because I teach them.
They tend to blend into a mass of hair, eye, pout and cell phone.

 Dear Reader, It is True:

The illusion that French Women are the most beautiful
 in the world is as well crafted as the illusion that
the French eat only excellent and well crafted food.

The ladies of New York and SF kick the ass of the
White French women in beauty.

And for one big reason: multicultural reproduction.

Peeps having sex with different kinds of Peeps.

Just as my cat, the mutt of all mutts, is the most beautiful
cat in the world, the mutts of America take down the interbreeding
of France.

This, too, will change soon as more and more French White Girls
are hanging, and doing it, with more and more boys from
the Arabic immigrant population.

But for now.  I see the same noses, eyes and cheekbones everywhere.

Sorry to disappoint.

In other news:
I am still bleeding 2.5 weeks after my miscarriage.
I think I may have a thyroid issue which I hope my gold-clad
gyny will take interest in today in between vaginal sweeps.

AND I am sad, and dismayed, that people are not
interested in having, or encouraging,  Sweet Sperm.

Does no one out there swallow anymore???????????


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm happy to know they're not ALL chi-chi hot and stuff.

Also, don't be discouraged by the spotting. It's normal. Follow up with the gyn and make sure to get an ultrasound to rule out any remaining "tissue". (that sounds terrible, but then again, the medical community has terrible terms for us females when it comes to our girly bits).

Sister Wolf said...

Use the "overnight" pads. xoxo

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so curious about the weather women. I must google to see if I can find some pictures.

I find the disabusing of the French beauty myth to be incredibly heartening. I hope it doesn't turn out to be an April fools.

Hope the Gyny gets your thyroid sorted. I too have thryroid issues and know that can certainly add some complexity to the fertility issues.